Monday, October 10, 2011

Rain And Dog

It didn't start out well...

...but there was the promise of better to come.

From time to time I hear people bitching about the heat in the Keys, and the bitching gets louder the closer we get to winter, because those residents who want cold weather anticipate cold fronts coming soon and they can't wait. I can wait just fine.

I like the heat, and the rain when it's hot is little more than a minor annoyance but this recent series of thunderstorms has been dragging along and pounding us for days leaving Old State Road 939 on Sugarloaf quite wet.

Cheyenne wasn't in the mood for puddles and mud apparently, so she turned back and I had to follow.

The asphalt ends at a large house that has large dogs with large barks during the winter months.

Cold fronts here spell snow and ice Up North and everyone then has to move south to get eaten by mosquitoes.

I like summer.

I do not look forward to cold fronts and all they bring. I'll put up with summer rain from time to time, closed in like a little boy with only his dog for company in exchange for a few more weeks of peace and quiet.

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