Monday, October 10, 2011

Riders On The Highway

I was a little taken aback to see riders wearing spandex sausage suits and beaked bicycle helmets pedaling purposefully along the Overseas Highway.

Usually they start appearing in winter when purposeful exercise becomes visible in all neighborhoods as snowbirds walk grotesque-style waving their arms wildly in power walk madness.

Cycling is intended by our benevolent Maker to be a form of gentle diversion, a pleasing way to get from A to B without wrecking the planet's resources. Some people instead have to pretend they are trying out for the Tour de France.

There have been quite a few touring motorcycles too, perhaps all in honor of the man who sailed the ocean blue. Perhaps not, as the Keys are a year round popular destination, not just on holidays.

Pedal hard in 87 degrees or ride an over sized motorcycle towing the kitchen sink.

Your choice.

And notice how invisible the high visibility clothing is behind modern protective windshields. They'd be better off wearing sausage spandex suits. NOT!

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