Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunny Chores

My motorcycle survived it's dunking during the rain and runs as well as ever.

That's nice because the Bonneville needed no attention this weekend, which I had off work. Wayne and Chuck came by to urge me to do my work, and they came at my request.

I had ignored the recalcitrant outboard for too long and even with new speak plugs it declined to fire. With a mile long ride to the launch ramp I was looking hard at my paddles. Chuck thought things looked pretty funny.

Pull harder, Wayne! We wore each other out exhorting ourselves to start the damned thing.

Wayne retreated to install my wife's much anticipated curtains in the living room.

Our living room was a nice shady retreat from the sunlight outside. Chuck dragged me to ACE and we picked up some essential supplies including ether a spray I really hate. It covers up the sins of the non starting engine and thus it seems dangerous to me. In fact the Yamaha started second pull. And off we went.

The curtains went up and looked great, the Dusky came out of the water with the greatest of ease thanks to the boys,

And I had cold beer in the fridge. A perfect Sunday thanks to the boys and my ever patient wife. And my dog. And my motorcycle.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

You are going to let me work on the outboard when I get back, right? Some day between 11.18 and 11.21 is best for me.

Conchscooter said...

We will be here. The boat is not moving and neither am I...so here we sit and ponder what a rotten summer i had with that bloody machine.