Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seminary Street

Turn west off White Street and immerse yourself in a wooded lane.

Here you get nice homes, trees and most precious of all, off street parking.

If you doubt the value of off street parking buy a house in Old Town without it.

Make sure you don't call me to bitch about your parking woes. My dog was being her usual perfect self and a small person up the street was doing a good job of being seen but not heard.

We started shuffling very slowly in case we tripped over zombie children.

This lot surprised me, they were friendly and cheerful despite my leashed wild animal. I thought Mom must be raising the rug rats right. ¡Que lindos!

A picturesque Key West home. It still comes with off street parking.

I really enjoy documenting the architecture in this town.

This roof blew me away. The house was refurbished, the roof was original and lovely.

You never know what two houses will be next to each other in this town.

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