Monday, October 24, 2011

Testy Key West

The new fad for zombies convinced quite a few people to ride bicycles on Sunday while dressed as the living dead, as a Fantasy week parade. Shanna Key Irish Pub must have been on the route.

I liked how this sign forces compliance simply by it's presence. One is obliged to obey.

This petulant message requires one to ponder. Who messes with a palm? And why? And what exactly do they do to the poor defenseless thing? Unspeakable acts no doubt that required the planting of the sign.

This next sign doesn't look terribly testy but it's just a cute way of telling potential visitors to please bugger off. Me No Sen You No Come is a community in the self governing area of Maroon Country in Jamaica, a tight knit tribal community that earned it's independence from the British. By not letting outsiders in.

On a more hospitable note we find this frayed old coconut carefully and mysteriously placed on a wall. In Key West pineapples are symbols of welcome to outsiders.

Lacking a pineapple Cheyenne and I noted the coconut. It was the best we could do.

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