Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cycling Bubbas

I was taken by surprise yesterday morning when I passed clumps of cyclists riding Highway One.

They took me by surprise because usually when there is a fund raiser to cure some incurable disease or other there is quite the fandango in the press. This lot were stealth cyclists apparently.

Stealth in a manner of speaking because tie dyed shirts were the uniform and they brought their own splash of color to an already colorful sunny morning.

It was a very unobtrusive ride though, with no hold ups for cars or clumps of cheering supporters. Just a bunch of people enjoying the view at twelve miles per hour.

Or less when they got a flat. These two strolled to the end of the bridge and upended the offending machine. It looked delightfully relaxed and civilized.

Not frenzied at all.

So of course I had to hunt down who these casual peddlers might be. It didn't take long as the Internet yields all.

Bubba's Pampered Pedalers, and if you check their website and can struggle past the endless rhetorical questions, you will find a ride dedicated to the casual cyclist who wants a good time. Eminently civilized and quite the exception around here where winter people come to show off muscled calves and colorful spandex in the pursuit of cycling glory.

This lot just ambled along at the side of the highway minding their own business and reminding us that it is a lovely place to live.

The organizers have a mechanic along to help out the machines and a masseuse (! I told you it was civilized) to help the riders. Some appeared to bring their own sag wagon.

I am one who finds riding a straight flat highway in the sun, even at a modest eighty degrees, to be rather tedious. I'd rather ride with a few horsepower for help.

But that also has it's drawbacks.

And there they go in one's and twos and groups,

...taking a particular view of the hundred mile long Overseas Highway. Not many manage to accomplish that.

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