Monday, November 7, 2011

Scenes On Big Pine

Another glorious day another opportunity to seek out trails further afield as heat and humidity fall and give my furry partner greater stamina.

We parked the car at the end of County Road on Big Pine and I followed Cheyenne into the unpaved wilderness. I have, in my more misanthropic moments nurtured the idea of parking a trailer in the backwoods as a cheap and effective way to seek isolation

But it seems that one always has to beware the dog in these places. My dog doesn't manage to generate the same levels of breathless warnings.

Even houses have to beware of the dogs .

Beware grandparents hauling youngsters on tandems. If you look closely the smart kid has her feet up on the crossbar let gramps do the work.

That may be a metaphor for our time if you to listen to grumpy old people these days.

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