Monday, November 7, 2011

Spring In Fall

My pomegranate, a gift from Robert and Dolly continues to flourish, with a little pruning, watering and fertilizing. The fruit looks glorious in the crisp afternoon sun.

There's an orange ball in the sky too, but lower and further to the south this time of year.

The blasting heat of summer is gone, nights are cool, the air conditioning is off for now and afternoon highs barely get into the low eighties. Pretty soon my deserted street will be clomping to the sounds of snowbirds power walking up and down.

My little home, protected by greenery sits back from the road a bit and gives me privacy.

And this time of year the greenery, fueled by the recent heavy rains is sprouting just like Spring Up North.

I miss the emptiness of summer but I like the warmth of winter in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

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