Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Smell Of...Bug Spray

Standing around looking up as the silence was shattered by helicopter rotors.

My pocket camera isn't much good at action photography.

It's the price I pay for having my camera with me all the time in a compact little package.

Mosquito control was out apparently spraying or perhaps surveying because I saw none of the fmailiar little pellets flying around.

I guess it must have been dropping them as it came in low over the mangroves.

Mosquito control is enormously scientific these days and they use BT granules which I believe sterilizes the mosquitoes or something like that.

Bacillus Thuringensis is supposed to be non toxic to animals and fish and car body paint however sceptics disagree with the claims that the stuff is benign.

However I know that mosquitoes are not benign at all and I take plenty of satisfaction in knowing that Mosquito control is dealing with the pests.

I've heard it said that flies are God's mistake but I am pretty sure mosquitoes are too.

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fxrguy said...

Yet another great memory jolt. The very first time I ever went to Key West was on a motorcycle trip from Ohio with my brother back in 76. On the way down on US 1 just past the ""old" 7 mile bridge a tanker plane flew over us at tree top level and dumped malathion on us...LOL. What an intro to the islands. By the way, I was on a geared up and dressed out Kawaski Z1 and my brother was riding a Gold Wing. We both returned to live a few couple years later. I left a couple of years after that but he stayed for the better part of 20 years eventually working for the Key West Building department as an inspector.