Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Birds Of Searstown

I was slumped behind the wheel of the car waiting for my wife to finish buying a pair of wooly shoes for her upcoming trip to California. I am not going to Santa Cruz to freeze next week so I had nothing I needed to buy.

Cheyenne was snoozing on the back seat and I was just about ready to regret waiting in the car when a flock of seagulls swooped down and settled on a pile of something disgusting in the parking lot. It was of course a moment that put me in mind of the more famous birds from the movie. Perhaps it was popcorn they had found on the ground...

The came, they went, a new group re-grouped and there was more flapping of wings. I watched as I waited and still my wife didn't show up. Searstown was bird heaven or hell I couldn't tell which.

"Sorry it took so long," my wife said when she brandished her wooly prize under my nose. "It was a Conch moment. I got stuck behind an employee returning an item and she gave all of us a long loud overview of working conditions at Sears." It's the sort of thing we incomers are supposed to take pleasure in, trying to prove we aren't in a mainland rush. "Not to worry," I replied. "I was bird watching," and got a quizzical look from my skeptical wife who knows our feathered friends hold little interest for me. Had I said 'motorcycle watching' she'd have believed me.

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ralph alan said...


Been there 30 + years ago, birds great,great?, Different car.

Anonymous said...

When I was waiting for my wife in Sears There was a lady walking aimlessly, talking to herself and putting things in the storm drains. Everry time we went or drove by she was there. Scooter Vic