Sunday, December 18, 2011


Robert and Dolly had to go out of town so I have been over to their home to water the plants of which they have a number and all flourishing.

They live in a subdivision with grass so while I was at work Cheyenne took the opportunity to lay in it and really enjoy a rare treat.

I am not hugely fond of lawns as they take quite a lot of work to keep up and the small patch of lawn I built in a box for Cheyenne to lie on suffers from my lack of attention so it is not as cool and abundant as this when Cheyenne stretches out on it at home.

So she sat there and enjoyed the afternoon and after I finished watering we sat together for a while and watched absolutely nothing happen in this sleepy suburb.

It was quote pastoral what with the trees and the canal that could have passed for a lake.

Just another summer afternoon in the Lower Keys in December.

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