Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Almost Everywhere

This important sign marks the edge of the Navy base at Louisa Street. I rather fancy a tall fence and a quiet Navy base for a neighbor. That would be a Christmas gift I could live with.

I wondered about these red star fish until I remembered the season.

I found more of them. Some people dedicate a great deal of time thinking about what they will do for Christmas in the way of decorations.

Cheyenne found her own eye level decorations with a cat lurking among the mistletoe, which is in fact a plant that won't grow this far south, so the cat was actually hiding behind some conch shells. I didn't let Cheyenne steal any of his food either.

Christmas bunting did less to cheer these walkers up than did texting on their phones.

They sat on the step side by side in companionable silence each staring fixedly at a little screen their thumbs hooking wildly as they communicated not with each other but people far, far away. Perhaps in Bethlehem.

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Len said...

Don't be surprised if they are texting each other, we get idiots in our place all the time that sit next to each other and text back-and-forth.

What did mankind do without cell phones!

Conchscooter said...

The kids I work with laugh at my morse code phone.

Anonymous said...

Morse Code! I, a licensed ham radio operator, am proud of my Morse knowledge. But I must say it is treated like latin, a lost language. Let them sit and thumb, they know not what they miss around them.

Joseph T

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big texter but it is incredibly useful for coordinating family life among people on the move. Five years ago I would leave someone a voice message and might hear back from them in a few days. When I send a text people respond much quicker.

Conchscooter said...

I got my general licence when we went sailing at something ghastly like 12 wpm. KF6RLG was my call sign still listed but retired. I was surpised ZI could make sense of dits and dahs at all....
My wife thought texting was the stupidest thing in the world- until she got an iPhone and now she sends texts all the time. When I text I use proper spelling and punctuation because I am old fashioned. Like my phone.