Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Useless Beautiful Dawn

I took my dog, not the least bit unwilling, to an easy walking spot, because I could dump her here for her morning walk and while she amused herself I could sit quietly by and hack up a lung without having to walk or make any other effort. That is the effect of this horrid hacking cold that has been circulating. The slighted effort costs breath.

So what does one say, between endless painful coughs about one more perfect winter dawn in the Fabulous Florida Keys?

Watching the sun try to break through thick clouds is at least restful for the placid observer, if not for the sun.

I lived among cliff faces and crashing waves and high surf and I never found that sort of sea front to be particularly meditative or restful.

To be surrounded by reefs is a good thing when storms threaten, but even on ordinary days when winds are light and waves are absent the flat waters please me.

I have been taking advantage of the full moon by sitting out enjoying the night and watching the clouds and moonlight mixing it up.

Heads down walking helps me spot the not frequently noticed and is flower looked detached but was in fact just being brave growing across the rocky trail.

Heads up walking shows off the much more obvious traits of a cloudy sunrise.

Amazing views aren't they? Day after day.

Cheyenne wore herself out running back and forth and we sat together for a while, in silence which is how my Labrador prefers it.

If you come to the Keys for the beaches you are in the wrong place.

This place doesn't just look golden

It's pure gold.

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