Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whitehead Street

I passed the Southernmost Point packed with people in a crescent like a stadium overlooking the water and moved up a block to find a quiet spot to park the car and loose theHound from Hell. She loves walking the city.

The pineapple is supposed to be a symbol of welcome though for each pineapple you will find on the streets of Key West you will find two screaming signs advising all comers to Keep Off.

A Christmas wreath thought I, but no a sports wreath appears upon closer inspection.

I can summon no allegiance to sports, much easier to live with allegiance to a place.

A squash left over from Thanksgiving creatively turned to good use for Christmas.

Another pineapple inscribed in an impenetrable fence.

A good porch needs to be used often, and i'll bet this one gets lots of use. Not fancy, not large but with two decent rocking chairs that's all it needs.

An angel in the garden. Or is it a fairy?

Like sports the concept of a fraternal organization is rather alien to me. But Key West has plenty of them in all manner of animal forms.

Cheyenne was not ready to stop and shop, she kept going.

Had we needed refreshment there was a convenient bottle of beer wrapped in paper just around the corner from the convenience store.

We just kept walking as a dog walker does.

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