Monday, December 12, 2011

Circling Jabours

The development boom killed off one the curious hold overs from another era downtown. It was called Jabours Trailer Park and it lived in what is currently a weedy lot between Elizabeth and Caroline Streets and the waterfront.

This picturesque view is up Dey Street off Elizabeth and has nothing to do with the open space I was walking around one recent evening.

Jabours was the city's only transient RV campground, hidden by fences and trees it offered lots for between 50 and 80 dollars a night, I'm told, just two steps away from Lazy Way Lane and the waterfront. What a deal!

It happened that land prices were sky rocketing and some keen local lads thought that turning this little RV idyll into a bunch of expensive town homes would be a good idea. The land bubble burst prematurely and all that got built was one model home. Jabours got out with a wad of cash, and the RV fantasy parking lot vanished forever.

Schooner Wharf's denizens started to worry that the town home gentrification plan would bring in a bunch of residents who would object to the live music that is a staple at the landmark drinking hole. All that worry was for nothing as it turned out.

I was attracted by the sign in the window at the dust catcher store further up the lane. Free coins? Lucky they were closed else who knows what I might have gone home with...

The Western Onion was off flogging the sunset to punters in the harbor. Ho ho ho, the hole it left at the dock looked very festive all the same.

And looking across the old trailer park we observe the back of the buildings on Caroline.

The missed and lamented Waterfront Market still sits empty. Plans mooted for a brew pub and restaurant or a bowling alley have come to naught so far.

And back across the lot another glance reveals the bright lights of Schooner Wharf, rocking into the cold night air.

There are some vague hopes expressed the open space might become a park. I'm not holding my breath but I wouldn't mind that at all. I very much doubt RVs will ever return.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Ummm...the building in the background is Fleming House, the condo at the corner of Fleming and William. Island House is at Fleming and White.

Women not allowed.