Monday, December 12, 2011

Pink Crocs

I have been living with orange footwear for a while unable as I was to locate fuchsia Crocs in size 12 for my plates of beef. Then the miracle happened and a new pair of Crocs arrived in the mail some time ago. Finally my orange footwear wore out and it was time to dump the old and don the new. Which was when Cheyenne decided to occupy the picture.

Amanda of BVI Blog read of my plight and scored a pair by mail order from her Caribbean perch. Most generous I'm sure.

And entirely comfortable even during a damp cold front:

The whole story explaining why a walking fashion faux pas.
like myself wears only pink Crocs is rather tedious. Suffice it today my wife issued a challenge and I rose to the occasion and I am stuck with the footwear as a result.

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