Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coughing And Spluttering

I find myself in the rather uncomfortable position of sitting at home on the couch, unable to lie down for fear of drowning or suffocating in a fit of the most severe coughing, as I succumb to this very nasty cold circulating through the Lower Keys.

This has led to me becoming a reader of my own blog. And by that I mean I am sifting through photographs I took last week as I felt the cold coming on and now as I assemble them they bring me a piece of the downtown that is as far out of my reach as if I were snowbound in North Dakota

And Key West does look good.

I have tinnitus, a short attention span and a horrible hacking cough that deprives me of breath.

All of which is rather gross but pausing to check out the streets and trees and gables of Key West helps. The views are soothing to a burning chest in some way inexplicable.

Like an absent vacationer I know Key West will be there when I get back, but for now these pictures are as close as I can get.

How ironic.

My friends and colleagues who have suffered the earlier stages of this awful illness tell me they are still coughing weeks later. That's something to look forward to.

These are the people who make fun of me for collecting and hoarding my sick leave. I am grateful for that now more than ever and glad for my sober work habits. It's just too bad time off for being sick doesn't feel more like vacation time.

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Anonymous said...

If it would help make you feel better, I sould send you pictures of snow and the bank's temperature sign showing 9 degrees. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. A couple of years ago, a lot of us at the Meeting of the Minds got something similar after it was "only" 70 degrees in KW. I went to the KW emergency room with a 103 degree fever and got a pill so I could fly back the next day. I was so impressed with your ER and doctors and I made it back to Montana with only a little sniffle. I guess if I have to be sick, I'd rather be in KW than in the colds of Montana.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Len said...

Hope you feel well soon. Now you know the longing a person feels when you're unable to be in Key West. It's a terrible feeling to be sure.


Conchscooter said...

I cannot imagine the rigors facing the legions Up North this winter. And the sun is still shining so there are consolations in being sick here. And I've managed not o interrupt the flow of pictures.

bobskoot said...

Mr Conch:

get a box of kleenex, some cold pills, phone 9-1-1 a few times, and get some rest

what are friends for ?

Riding the Wet Coast

Anonymous said...

In NYC we're calling it the 100 day cough. Feel better.

Conchscooter said...

Dear Bob I have thought of calling work and tellingbthem i'm dead.
90 more days of hacking like this and I will be dead from exhaustion. It's at times like these we know the good old days must have been terrible when peope died of the 'flu.

Anonymous said...

That cough must be awful! Like you I spend my day talking to people and helping them solve their problems. Having a cough like that must be doubly bad as not only do you feel bad, but you have to make sure it's gone before you get back to work because you make your living talking.

It's horrible to go through the old cemeteries in Montana like the ones in Butte and see how many people died from 1918 epidemic. Thankfully we have better medicine and my experience with the KW doctors was outstanding.

Hope you get well quickly!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

Thanks, i'm getting there and i'm heading bak to a short shift work. Strangely enough I have missed my work.