Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gray Key West

The weather this winter is weird, not in a directly threatening way as has been seen elsewhere this past year, but we find an absence of patterns that should be familiar and to some extent reliable.

Winter in the Keys is a matter of observing the arrival of cold fronts sweeping across the country from Canada. Between fronts the days are supposed to be cool and bright and sunny with a light southeast breeze. Perfect conditions for Northerners to ride out blizzards blasting their neighbors "at home."

Instead we find ourselves living through gray days, under cloud cover of no clear parentage. The humidity grows like a poison cloud bringing a dash of summer to December. Then it rains, apparently at random for a little while and then the clouds clear, temperatures remain high and the sun comes out.

Not that I'm complaining, this is a lot better than the alternative, but it is very odd.

If I were well enough to ride my motorcycle this is the time of year I don't worry about carrying my waterproofs in a saddlebag. and this year that would be a fateful decision because water falls out of the sky apparently at random.

It may be gray from time to time but there is still lots of sunshine and temperatures manage to stay at stay at least in the high 70s. What's to complain about?

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