Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Key West Flora

Of course I loved the word on the wall, but seeing Cheyenne give it her all made me think this spot might be a dog toilet which took away a little of the charm.

Happily Cheyenne subscribes to my approach which is to pass on through, take pictures or smells away with us and leave no trace of our passing, so she is never moved to mark her turf like so many dogs feel compelled to do by cocking a leg. But she does like sniffing other dogs' marks.

It's very hard for me to walk this streets and not look around to find a picture worth taking.

Most places in this country the season for blooms and blossoms is long past but down here it is just getting started.

Palms are always flourishing.

And bougainvillea is swamping streets and gardens everywhere in the Keys.

Even a trim white picket fence serves as a restraint to the burgeoning fecundity behind it. This may be winter, technically, but stuff is growing!

This orange expansion is chemical not organic. But it looked good in the afternoon sunlight.

Everything is bursting beyond it's limits this December.

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