Monday, December 5, 2011

Higgs Beach End Of Day

I'm going to have to get over these gorgeous sunsets in clear blue skies because this time of year they happen every day just as I'm getting to work.

But they are irresistible especially on these cool clear evenings during a cold front when every particle of dust in the air is blown away.

I like sunrises as much if not more than sunsets but this is also a good moment to stop and catch one's breath after a busy day.

Sunset is a moment of suspension. Everyone stops to wait and watch for the orb to disappear signaling for most people the end of activity for a few minutes. It's a self absorbed moment of contemplation as all eyes face the dying sun.

The solid brick wall of the West Martello Tower gave form and solidity to the shades of darkness falling around us.

Besides the bricks had absorbed the heat of the sun during the day and were throwing that precious heat back out. It felt good.

I know it sounds silly but sixty degrees feels cold around here when a body is used to tropical heat and humidity.

The evening pause to salute the sun was almost over.

My steed awaited to transport me the last mile to work. And in the background, across all the clutter of signs and road safety barriers I could see the flashing red and blue lights of some emergency in Higgs Park.

This side of the street was a serene sunset moment; that side was not.

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Anonymous said...

60 degrees would be so nice! It got down to 7 below last night and it may not make it above freezing until Wednesday. At least there's only an inch coating of snow.

Glad I have good times from the Smokin Tuna last month to think back on!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

I wish I could have met you there. An inch of snow is an inch too much!

Len said...

Your sunset spot is the exact place we ride our bikes to when we catch a sunset down there. It sure looks nice. Thanks!

Conchscooter said...

The weather has been spectacular making sunset, just before I get to work, hard to resist. We shall have to meet here again.