Monday, December 5, 2011

Leon Street

I talk daily to my friend Chuck of the Old Town blog and he makes noises when asked to step into distant New Town. I quite like New Town.

Take Leon Street for instance. This is not a street lined with 200 year old wooden homes. This is a street wide enough for two full sized pick-ups to pass.

Yet for all that this is modern, an area of homes built since the 1960s during the great Conch migration out picturesque, tumbledown Old Town, these homes have their features.

For myself I can see the attraction of a modern ranch house with all modern conveniences no leaks and a decent chunk of yard...

Besides there's lots of greenery, privacy and parking with easy access to the main road out of town, plus it's a neighborhood close to the beaches and stores. I sound like a realtor but this part of Key West has a lot to recommend it.

Plus there's room to store masses of equipment to plan for a truly epic weekend out on the water:

On top of all that there was room to spare for my Bonneville parked at the edge of the broad street. Parking need never be an issue around here.

For some people all the conveniences of New Town are outweighed by the fact that Old Town is a very long walk away.

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