Monday, December 5, 2011

My Dog The Acrobat

Danger Will Robinson! Bits of masonry will fall on your head! Your life will be over! But that's the modern world isn't it? Don't take a risk - unless your name is Cheyenne.

No Trespassing! Keep Away From The Edge!

Cheyenne found the seawall irresistible.

I prepared to take off my shirt and wrap my car keys and glasses and camera in it and eave a little bundle on shore when I was forced to jump in after her when she fell in.

My plan was to swim her down to a break in the. Seawall and propel her through it back to safety. It was a sound plan.

She trundled back and forth sniffing this and peering at that and I just held my breath.

She actually didn't even come close to falling in.

She gets intense on her walks.

She then decided she needed a dip in a salt water pool on the inside of the wall. That was where she got stuck in deep water under a blanket of seaweed. As she scrabbled I got into rescue mode but my dog started glaring at me as though telling me to back off. Her claws became prehensile as she dug them into the limestone and with one almighty heave she pulled herself from the primeval soup of seaweed, shook herself off and strutted away without a glance my way.

Clearly I was superfluous to requirements and she had her dignity to uphold.

I didn't say a word all the way back to the car.

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