Thursday, December 1, 2011

Limin' In Key West

Amanda in the Virgin Islands lives with it all the time BVIs Limin'. Limin' is the art of not doing much Caribbean style, perhaps shooting the breeze or sitting in front of the store checking the phone.

I'm not sure ordering a delicious sandwich from Sandy's on White Street counts as limin' but lots of endless chatter does go on at the counter as people meet and contemplate their navels.

This is solo limin' I'm pretty sure.

Or this duo on the Westin dock decorated for Hanukkah.

I don't think there is any rule banning seagulls from limin':

This group looks too grumpy for proper limin' but it's probably the best they can manage this far north of the equator.

He's not limin' because he's reading.

And occupants of Fawlty Towers can't possibly do something as base as lime.

Or maybe they can. Key West as Doug Bennett This Week reminded me the other day is south of reality.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

Here in New Jersey, "Limin" means getting bitten by a disease-ridden tick, and becoming an old twisted gimp before your time.

Please keep an eye out for flat spot in the mangroves (scorpion free) where one can park a red Ford 150 pickup and be left alone. I am on the way down.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

Please be advised that candy canes are not typical Hanukkah decorations. The candy cane predates Hanukkah by 2500 years, as it was symbol of Imperial Egypt in the 3rd Dynasty BC. The Pharoah Imohotep IV decreed that a "shepherd's staff," painted in red and while colors "typically found on tower structures around airports," would mark places where taxpayers could be bent over for "sexual en joyment" by local officials.

It's nice to see some traditions being observed in Key West.

Stu Gotz
Ram Rod Key Historian

Anonymous said...

Dear Conch(person):

I don't think anyone should be defined by what they ride, even if it is a wheezy little scooter.

Are you aware of the 47 separate parasites found in Key West, 46 of them are indigenous to seagull guano. More astounding out of 47 people stopped and interviewed on the street in Key West, only 46 knew that "guano" meant shit.

Both of these statistics are very significant.

Yours very truly,
Shirley Farb
Pork Butt Key

Anonymous said...

Attention Editor:

Of the four people squatting in photo #6, one is taking a dump. Just thought you should know. I know this because it was me. Now guess which one I am?

Happy Holidays,
Bertha Stumpneck
Seminole Ridge, Fl.

Conchscooter said...

Dear Jack: You need to move here pronto. Mosquitoes hardly bite, no see ums don't irritate snakes are non existent and alligators are a figment of tourists imagination. You'll love it especially as it never gets above 70 degrees even in summer.

Dear Stu, candy canes are universal symbols of pleasure. some of us get it from eating them, others, like Jack riepe from spanking each other with them. Just like the Egyptians.

Dear Shirley: our parasites are all that protect us from invasions from Up North. I'm sorry they made themselves known to you in such an unpleasant way but rest assured as long as the parasites are in place Jack riepe will keep his distance and thats all we want.

Dear Bertha. key west is a tolerant and friendly place so the fac tthat you used aplastic bag and dumped it in a trash can after use means you are almost at the level of a dedicated and socially conscious dog walker. we thank you for your consideration.