Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ships At Sea

Law Enforcement it proclaimed loudly. I thought perhaps it was something to do with the National Marine Sanctuary.

I watched the Fury catamaran get underway from the Westin Marina. The boat here photographed between the marina buoys and Sunset Key in the background.

They call these machines rather uncharitably, head boats or cattle boats owing to the huge number of passengers they ferry out to the harbor to watch the sunset or to go snorkeling. For many people this is as much sailing as they ever do and the fact there is a functioning bar on board is all to the good.

This is the Western Union boat refurbished and operated by a non profit created in Key West after Historic Tours abruptly ceased operations. It's amazing to think this sailboat laid telegraph cable between Havana and Key West right up till the opening of World War Two.

When out to sea west of Key West, as you sail towards the harbor anxiously scanning the horizon for a first view of home these white buildings are what appear first above the water, shining bright white in the sunlight.

They sit behind the empty Truman Waterfront and used to house Navy officers.

Now the units are highly prized civilian condos and the gorgeous open space, formerly Navy property will soon be developed. Oh well.

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