Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lunch Break

I was called in for overtime on day shift (erk, I loathe working during sunlit hours) and had been deputized to fetch sandwiches for lunch in police dispatch where I work.

There are areas of Key West commerce that actually observe Sunday as a day of rest, in the western tradition. Family owned sandwich shops reduce hours or close frequently, but Paseo closes on Mondays and Tuesdays so on Sunday...pressed pork sandwiches were on the menu as far as I was concerned.

Sitting there on the edge of Eaton Street waiting for lunch I looked around and realized that Key West was once again passively intruding into my thoughts. Elsewhere in America one might be waiting for a sandwich in an anonymous strip mall surrounded by lines of parked cars. Check out these classic louvered windows:

In Key West the view was a surprisingly varied selection of shutters. I'm fascinated by the variety of window covers in this city threatened from time to time by strong winds and flying d├ębris in storms. This is a pukka hurricane shutter made of aluminum.

These traditional Mediterranean style shutters work too.

These are Caribbean style and are solid.

These angled shutters are called Bahamian and I think they look good if a tad impractical. A friend of mine says they can be noisy too in strong winds.

The pressed pork sandwiches appeared. They met with approval at work. 'Exotic Cuban pork sandwiches' was the verdict as my colleagues checked the large slices of grilled onion and the crispy peppers. They almost made a day off lost to overtime a pleasure.

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Danette said...

I feel that businesses who close on Sunday are just pandering to the religious right. It annoys me that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays which are my only day off every other weekend. And when I was a church goer (ugh! Can you believe that???), just because you were home/off didn't mean you were spending it with family.

Conchscooter said...

It's unfortunate we live in a civilization that has come to expect 24 hr service and an instant response to everything. But if we can't shop on weekends most people can't do chores.