Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seaweed And Cement

Visitors frequently complain at the sight and smell of decomposing seaweed when they want to visit the beaches in the Keys. the stiff breaks loose from I don't know where and drifts around in the ocean until it washes up on the beach. Then the sun gets to work on it.

The stuff gets thick and smells like sulphur when it's been laying about in the sun long enough to get cooked.

After a storm it mats the shoreline with a smell that I call the scent of survival, considering I'm around to smell it after a hurricane battering.

Whole lives get lost in the blankets of weed.

The sea never stops pushing it into land and there's no sensible or economic way to get rid of it all.

So it piles up, salty fertilizer which can be converted to compost I'm told. In fact it was suggested to me by an avid gardener that the way to get this stuff into the ground is to lay it out in some open space at the beginning of rainy season and let a summer's worth of rain wash the salt off. By Fall you get a pile of salt free compost. I must try this one day.

Meanwhile the flood continues.

Pushed up.

Wave by wave and all the cement in the world won't stop it.

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