Friday, December 16, 2011

More Odd Wheels

I grumble from time to time about how all we ever see are Harley Davidsons posing up and down the Keys, but I do like to see the Road King on the streets from time to time. I like the purposeful symmetry of the bike and if ever I decide I need 800 pounds of motorcycle (!) and can spend $20,000 (!) this would be it.

On the other hand I have a suspicion a bicycle like this might cost half as much as new Triumph Bonneville.

These sorts of sophisticated, over engineered rides appear in town in winter when energetic wealthy incomers bring their sports from Up North to impress the rubes on single speed beach cruisers with fat tires and baskets.

I was quite surprised to see a prominent made in China label on this disc braked suspended, fully equipped machine.

Are we approaching the day when Chinese bicycles will be a fashion statement? I suppose that is a given and we will be taught to embrace it. I remember my Schwinn mountain bike fondly nevertheless.

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Richard Machida said...

That's an electric mountain bicycle and it is much less than half of your Triumph. Somewhere around $1300 or so. The battery is in the box that is also the rear rack and it isn't large enough for great range or performance but should be able to deal with the KW mountains. Thanks for the discovery.

Conchscooter said...

The battery box must have been the rather odd yet unobtrusive rack over the back wheel. Electric bikes are getting interesting. But $1300 buys a lot of bud lite when a conch cruiser can be had for $30 ....