Saturday, December 10, 2011

Parking Galore

I cannot possibly recall why I took this picture. I think I messed up the exposure because in the shadow there is one of those silly painted faces that have appeared around town as part of a Facebook prank I believe. My dog was dragging me toward Higgs Beach and thus it is I offer this picture as a sample of my daily failures with the camera. The sunlight looks good though on the column.

The point was that I wanted to illustrate the broad swath of White Street which allows for a tree-lined sidewalk, parking and a class two bicycle path, where class one is a separate path, two is painted and three is nothing more than a sign advising bicycles travel here...Parking is a hot issue this week as the city is spending a Federal grant to put sidewalks on Virginia Street. Which sounds good but neighbors are upset that tall trees have been cut, and they fear parking on the street will be limited.

The city says the trees were already badly pruned and faced a dicey future as they were out of balance. The parking they say will double with the new cut outs. However that will count the number of legal spots and up till now cars have been parked everywhere.

White Street is the exception, not the rule so don't be fooled, living in a town of narrow streets and alleys brings it's own pressures. Laid back living? Maybe, if you have quiet neighbors and off-street parking.

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