Saturday, December 10, 2011

Traffic Crush

I was filled with admiration for this couple towing a trailer behind their Honda Goldwing. The black SUV crowded them horribly leaving no room behind them and weaving as though contemplating a pass on left or right. The motorcyclists carried on imperturbably perhaps unaware of the danger behind them. I figured the SUV was going to wreck and I wanted a record of them before they fled the scene.

In the two lane section the SUV passed on the right and dodged back mid lane when the stopped bus loomed on the shoulder. By then the serene Goldwing riders were safe and still ambling along at their entirely appropriate speed. I wished everyone well on Highway One who encountered the car between Big Pine and Miami.

I like to ride paying attention and sometimes I do exceed the speed limit but I don't tailgate and I don't pass on double yellow lines and when someone catches up to me, whatever the speed, I pull over as by the laws of physics if they catch up they must be going faster than me and why hold them up? But to risk anyone's life deliberately seems the act of someone with absolutely no life experience at all. Evade the idiots I say.

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Anonymous said...

Morons. I wish you could report the evidence above and submit like my Mlaysian friends do (with gov't motivation) and have the dude reported. Am with you one hundred percent on this behviour. Even more controlled, Malaysia allows tweeting an alleged suspect to the government tracing of such incidents.

Of course, Malaysia is modeling themselves after Singapore, and we all know what this means to the American Libertarian side of the right.

Listen to he "Big Audio Dynamite" song re SIN. My father is convinced this is the new world order.

David B. said...

People do not hesitate to report someone if they think they are driving drunk. How is this different?