Monday, February 13, 2012

Grinnell And Environs

I captured several essays- worth of pictures with remarkable light this past week. Everything had a golden glow and I enjoyed walking around in it feeling illuminated.

Then I found this mass produced sign and everything started to fall apart. Trespassing isn't that hard to spell is it? Especially if you are planning on printing up millions of signs with that very word embossed on them.

There has been some lively debate in the paper after a letter writer in the Citizen pointed out a few grammatical improvements we could all employ. Now I worry that I have standards to attain.

On the other hand there were a bunch of responses in the Citizen that showed the notion of correct grammar and syntax really does get some people's backs up. Public spelling is hardly an issue you'd think.

Bonnie Albury the former teacher might have had something to say about that but she died four years ago shortly after I started this blog. Her former home is still being worked on, slowly slowly restored.

As I was sitting there enjoying the light and the sound of my dog panting a family rolled by.

All present and correct Key West style, dog, roller skates and bicycle. The family SUV redefined.

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Len said...

Glad to see the work continue on the Albury house. Hope the new owners haven't hit the wall with all of the work that needs to be done.

As the former owners of a 100+ year-old home we know all to well what happens when you start to peel the years back and try to restore things. We wish them well.