Monday, February 13, 2012


This Hummer stopped in the intersection while I was filling the car with dead dinosaurs. And stayed stopped for ages, long enough that the white car pulled up behind. Long enough that I had time to reach in the car, turn the camera on and snap a couple of pictures and only a minute later did he pull out. I have no idea what possessed this guy with a Michigan tag to park in an intersection turning onto Highway One, when there was tons of space nearby off the roadway.

A few minutes later trundling through Summerland Key a New York tagged red car stopped suddenly in the traffic lane, forcing everyone to slam on their brakes. Then they took their sweet time moving into the turn lane and seemed surprised by an aggressively honking local van with a tag that read "DA BRONX" and was thus presumably trained on horn use earlier in life.

People driving Highway One in winter with out of state tags need to drive properly because otherwise it is too easy to dredge up those negative stereotypes about visitors. And I got two opportunities in five minutes on Sunday. Bloody snowbirds!

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Anonymous said...

My friend and musician Brent Burns, who performs at the Meeting of the Minds every year has a really cool song called "If it's snowbird season, why can't we shoot em?" Check it out on You Tube.

Almost above freezing here!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

To have a job in the keys versus retiring here in the winter is avery different thing. If only the visitors could cut us some slack and let us rush to our endless un-laid back appointments how wonderful that would be.
My buddy Robert loves snowbirds pointing out they pay taxes on homes they rarely use and help provide services they never use and it is true but once you have lived through a summer in the Keys you will be grateful they don't know what it's like as they all rumble north in April to bake their brains on the great plains.