Monday, February 27, 2012

Sammy Creek Park

"We need to go down to Sammy Creek and eat carrot cake," Chuck announced. Instantly I was overwhelmed by a pressing need to eat a large slice of extra rich home made carrot cake. The surroundings only made it better.

Chuck was at pains to point out that the newly created park is part of the kayaking trail through the Everglades and the Keys.

This plot of waterfront land at the very bottom of Sugarloaf Boulevard used to house a house which was demolished when the family deeded the land to the state which created a very fine public open space on the land just as the Sammy family desired.

In a time of increasing and blatant greed among the upper echelons the Sammy donation stands out as a very practical symbol of what can be done by people of good will. We enjoyed the hell out of it!

R-L, Chuck cutting cake, Wayne salivating and on the left their houseguest Kim from California learning to enjoy the year round sybaritic life of the Florida Keys. He will be moving into his Sugarloaf home full time pretty soon and I think he, like me, will enjoy the warmth of the Keys compared to the fog and wet of the northern California we both used to know so well.

Some other people have also discovered this public pocket jewel of a park.

We have had a spell of perfect summer weather lately with mild cool breezes, low humidity and temperatures in the mid 80s.

All of which means a dog likes her shade and Cheyenne found her spot strategically located to catch carrot cake crumbs.

After iced tea and a large slice of his own home made cake Chuck took either Tootie or Zuzu (I can't tell them apart) for a stroll. The Vizslas are nervous hunting dogs and need leashing unlike my lumbering Labrador.

The ocean looked fantastic, offering a whole range of summer colors to the winter sun.

See? Can you tell one dog from the other? One can barely tell Chuck (yellow shirt) from Wayne (white shirt).

It was an hour well spent along the old state road on the south shore of Sugarloaf Key. It's what winter in the Lower Keys is all about, being outdoors and enjoying the mosquito-free months.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...


We know you boat, but do you kayak?

Conchscooter said...

I have but it seems to require rather a lot of effort.