Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Light

I heard a story on NPR a while ago about the husband of our fearless US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Just when we learned that in Florida's redistricting we are likely to get a different representative for the next decade.

Ros-Lehtinen will doubtless be unaffected by the scandal concerning her attorney husband as she is a senior member of the Republican caucus in Congress but it was disappointing to hear it anyway.

Somehow, heaven knows how, the estimable representative's husband got the contract to be the legal advisor to the Miccosukee tribe of Indians. By all accounts he was a strong advocate for environmental protection of the Everglades, traditional home of the tribe.

The Miccosukee are a secretive lot, living well thanks to their gambling palace on Krome Avenue at Tamiami Trail, but their government is a closed book to outsiders. In 2011 a new tribal leader saw mass firings in the tribal police department when half the department protested a hostile work environment and were fired, as though to prove the point.

The IRS have been investigating the tribe which recently fired it's counsel saying Dexter Lehtinen gave them bad tax advice. The story is as weird as a pair of lost panties in a Key West street. The tribe according to the WLRN story, have fessed up to a cool 26 million dollar oversight in their tax bill from the turn of the century as uncovered by Federal investigators.

The confession is, it seems a legal maneuver the tribe felt obliged to take to devolve the blame onto their attorney of record for his faulty tax advice. The only way the tribe could nail Dexter Lehtinen was by accepting that they had screwed the pooch on their tax returns.

The tribe claims that their attorney advised them, erroneously, not to file individual tax returns for the tribe's 600 members and thus they now find themselves with a rather large bill to pay.

Lehtinen's attorney says the tribe is nuts under the new leader elected in 2010 who has abandoned Lehtinen's pro-environment position in favor of focusing on gambling revenues.

Either way it seems like the Miccosukee are not going to be doing the Lehtinens any favors this election year. Se has been a good representative for the Keys, paying attention to the needs of this tiny portion of her South Florida constituency. Even though her support for the embargo is the price she pays for easy re-election by her Cuban base.

Locally the newspaper reported recently that the widow of a power boat racer who died in last year's race is going to sue the medical staff and organizer of the race. As a friend of mine remarked: "Put two people in a fiberglass shell powered by a jet engine and send them across the author as fast as they can go and what do you think is going to happen?"

It used to be people took up dangerous sports for then thrill and relied on themselves to get into and out of scrapes. This suit strikes me as being a perfect example of the inability of anyone to take responsibility for their own stupidity. I hope someone in the legal system shows them the door at their expense.

Meanwhile Key West continues on accommodating thousands of visitors and hundreds of negative comments in the paper bitching about parking and cruise ships and noise and bums and bad manners.

It makes you wonder why anyone bothers t move here, or live here in winter.

I like looking around and taking pictures and reminding myself what a great place this can be.

Winter sunshine, quiet early morning streets and not a complaint to be heard.

Besides I'm not a famous attorney so no one is suing me for untold millions so this must be my lucky day.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Sometimes I forget I get to live and raise my son in the sunshine, staying content most of the time, especially during the winter months when bad manners, bad drivers, and litter bugs abound.

In the grand scheme, it could be worse.

I am sure there is a story in those abandoned panties, and I am surprised Mr. Toad hasn't made an appearance to comment on such.

Conchscooter said...

A friend thought they maybe fell from a laundry basket (there is a laundry near by). I thought that was a dreary, realistic explanation so I jettisoned it immediately.