Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work And Play And Pedestrians

It's winter time and until April guest houses hotels bars and restaurants will see brisk trade.

This is the time of year when money is made in Key West and even though the economy is more year round than ever before winter tourist season is still at its peak during these months.

I could not make up my mind if these towels drying in the sun could be viewed as picturesque or as a blight. I dry our laundry under our house in the suburbs of the Lower Keys, but using Nature's bounty to dry clothes is I am told, considered tacky in the. Better quality gated communities.

I like air dried clothes: they feel softer and they last longer suffering less damage than that inflicted by infernal dryer machines. A tourist in Key West Kino sandals paused in front of sidewalk art:

A bunch of these rather prissy signs have popped up along Eaton Street encouraging pedestrians to take back their crosswalks.

The bright yellow signs are a nice bit of urban blight.

Key West has been designated as one of Florida's more dangerous cities of it's size for cyclists. So now there is a drive across the city to make the streets safe for bicycles.

There was even talk in the paper of creating bike paths and bike lanes which will no doubt produce storms of controversy about cars versus bicycles and parking versus bike lanes and on and on.

A worthy sentiment on a house clearly not occupied by a one per center.

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lys93 said...


How is the garden doing? First blooms of spring here!
Cuz Lynn

Conchscooter said...

I will have to do an update. Some stuff is doing really well. I hear its been a warm winter Up North.