Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shadows And Light

I was trailing around behind my dog rather less interested in my surroundings than she was, when it occurred to me one doesn't often think of Key West as an industrial city. Yet, this tiny slice of light between two County buildings on Whitehead Street make this town look like something positively industrial.

That set me to thinking, an activity I tend to indulge in to excess. So, I reasoned I bet there are other pointless pictures to be taken.

It was a brisk sunny evening and as a result the shadows were crisp and well defined around the Freeman Justice Center on Fleming Street.

This sort of play of light is something I am used to seeing in summer in temperate climes when it's snow free, say on a warm summer evening when the shadows are long on the ground.

Around here coconut fronds are often found lying on the ground which can look interesting.

These two had nothing to do with anything except I do like seeing couples dressed alike. Did they get up ad say to each other "Let's do the red and white sporting outfits," or was it just happenstance?

More shadows and light through the mesh link fence.

Ten. I saw two shades of yellow, that found in Nature and at which comes out of a can.

Cheyenne kept ambling and pretty soon we were round on the other side of the county building complex.

This is the old jail which was closed tow decades ago but whose reputation for overcrowding and inhumane conditions is legendary even today.

I have seen pictures of the jail towards the end and it was a classic row of cells with bars on the front stretched along a dank dark corridor. Above you can see the bars on the windows.

Above is the sally port where prisoners would be unloaded behind closed doors and entered into the jail for processing.

The old sign would indicate the building is still used but I doubt it. The new jail is massive and complete with all facilities on Stock Island

This old building really needs to be torn down and replaced. Perhaps China will loan Monroe County the money at a favorable rate.

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bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter;

Have you ever considered the posibility that clothes are often laid out in advance, and a person does't always have the chance to choose their own wardrobe for the day.

Whenever we go out, clothes dance from the closet and are laying there before my eyes, ready to be put on, and all colour co-ordinated

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

Not a chance when a couple leaves the house in identical outfits. I work for the police and the police don't believe in coincidence on principle. An approach I have adopted.Besides your wardrobe is too eccentric for it to be adopted by anyone else.