Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oceanside Marina, Stock Island.

There was decidedly a plan to go large when Oceanside Marina was conceived.

The place is huge and solidly built with, as you can see, wide docks and berths for boats.

Even the parking lot is like an airfield with relatively new apartments built a few years ago on the south shore of the marina.

It was all part of the turn-of-the-century economic boom. Boat slips sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who thought that living on a boat in this area could be as permanent and as sound an investment as buying a condo.

Of course living on a boat limits space and most people "need" more space than they have so life spills over onto the do k under the sun.

Not everyone lives here that has a boat here. Commercial and recreational fishing boats rent space.

And facilities intended to provide for aft boating recreation line the docks. The restaurant has not been open for as long as I can remember though the bath house fortunately has.

Not many people who live on their boats shower on them so living in a marina involves wandering around with a shower bag and towel. Not everyone's idea of condo living...

And the views in a marina built amidst the industrial life support system for the city of Key West can be rather...industrial.

Summer brings heat and humidity which involves running power lines, creating shade and living below decks to avoid the blanket of heat.

It's a big place is Oceanside, like an aircraft carrier or a tanker where bicycles are door-to-door transportation.

So many boats and so little movement under the torpid southern sun.

A sunset porch at the back of the boat.

There are services for boaters lining the marina, storage lockers, a self sufficient little community.

A gate to the rest of the world.

I went to talk to the outboard mechanic who was away on an apparently unscheduled lunch. I'll bring my business back later and try again. Thanks anyway, it was fun reminding myself why I no longer live on a boat.

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Anonymous said...

your blog has lost its shine, reads like a ho-hum travelogue - dog not included. It could use a little spice. I'll check back in a month or so and see how it goes.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Riepe perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This blog is a reflection of the comings and goings of some dude who lives in Keys. It's not designed to be entertaining it's not reality tv. It is what it is. Is it sometimes dull and pedestrian? Yes, that's life. If it was anything more it would be less honest,less real and less interesting---to me at least.