Sunday, August 26, 2012

All Quiet On The Southern Front

And so it ends, the storm has moved to the north with no apparent damage leaving in it's wake gray skies warm musty air with a cool hint to it, a strange combination like standing in a stuffy room with the refrigerator door open.
We are back on our regular schedules, the city is regrouping after a properly measured response to the hurricane threat and business will resume as normal as soon as possible, I'm sure. Like a lot of my neighbors I'm glad I had this opportunity to refresh my storm plans and
Tactics buttoning up my home. It went quite smoothly considering it was seven years since the last such effort. Back then we did it all too often.

One more night of sitting up at work on regular time and then home.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't get hit so hard and came through safe and sound.

wannbe conch

Anonymous said...

Dodging a bullet does enliven the senses. Happy for the good news.

Danette said...

Happy to hear you all are safe and sound.

Shonassie said...

Awesome news!!! So glad everything is ok and you will be going home soon. Hopefully this will conclude storm season for the Florida Keys!!!