Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac's Eye

We are told by weather gadgets that the eye of Tropical Storm Isaac is going to be over Key West soon. Looking out the back porch over the neighboring car dealership all I could see was wind and rain and mist in proportions not much different than a strong summer thunderstorm.

There are still a few cars negotiating the construction on North Roosevelt Boulevard and the waters of Garrison Bight are remarkably calm, small waves but not even any whitecaps.

Supposedly the eye will pass over the city bringing a short period of calm then the back of the storm will come, adding 20 miles per hour of forward motion to the estimated 60 miles per hour of circulating wind speeds producing what would be effectively a category one hurricane. In any event things seem entirely manageable and when I go back to work at six I expect we will be fielding calls from the public in the aftermath of the storm as it whirls away to do damage, possibly as a category two on the unfortunate folk of the Gulf Coast.

If history is a guide we will send the night worrying about broken tree limbs, downed power lines and over celebratory drunks taking things beyond the limit. If that is as bad as it gets we shall be delighted I am sure.

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Perry said...

Thanks so much for the update. We really appreciate it. Will we hear you on NPR?

Conchscooter said...

I don't think so, there is no news, happily. City offices will be closed tomorrow but I have high hopes I will not sleep another day in the station.