Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waiting For Isaac

Sunday morning in Key West. I'm settling in to sleep in a windowless room while the day shift moves in and takes over. It was not an especially busy night in the city and today everyone waits to see how strong the winds might be. Quite a few residents will be nurturing epic hangovers, no doubt.
The forecast has varied between hurricane and tropical storm strength when Tropical Storm Isaac reaches the Florida Keys. Indeed some think it may be a category two by the time it reaches the Gulf Coast, so it will likely be worse for them...a category one houldn't produce terrible damage in islands as experienced as these. Most people here know what to do.

Sitting out a hurricane in the police station is something I have done many times before. Its not homey but it is safe so I will sleep soundly before returning to duty at 6 pm,always looking forward to the time we will be released to go home.
Good night.

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