Saturday, August 25, 2012

Key West Bight

One purpose of walking endlessly round Key West and taking pictures is to remind myself of where I live. This picture with the sandcastle of the Steam Plant condos in the background and the frothy green palms in the foreground, put me in mind of somewhere exotic, possibly a desert oasis

This solitary loo brush shown below has featured here before but it is still worth seeing again flying proudly above the Coastguard station.

It was a lovely day down on the water but I was impaired by my struggle with a summer cold (a special word of thanks to the kind soul that donated it to me) and I was rendered weak by the heat.

I sat on the wooden planking in the shade of the old warehouse on the Chevron dock and watched the world go by on a summer afternoon.

The flags above were flying from a fairly large sailboat. The second flag from the top I recognized as the pennant of an associate member of the Seven Seas Cruising Association. It's a loose grouping of people who like to travel by sail and their full members "Admirals" have red pennants and vote at meetings.

Above I could see the fast cat ferry to Fort Myers Beach waiting for it's evening departure while below the lightweight frames of white dagger boards on a private catamaran caught my eye. The boards are hollow to save weight. Which probably means the rest of the boat is devoted to speed not comfort, which is a drag I think.

The older wooden schooner Hindu looks more like what a landsman might expect a boat to look like, all varnish and brass. That's a lot of work to keep up, not to my taste either though I have enjoyed a sunset cruise on the Hindu, watching the crew work while I ate and drank.

This young person looked possibly like a disoriented superhero with a green cape, or a lost crew member looking for his berth, or a tourist wondering where the bars are.

The waterborne commute:

The pause that refreshes:

A conversation about boats:

An 18th century piece of headgear, truly piratical I suspect:

Refreshment afloat?

Another one looking for a berth, this or with a red ditty bag.

Homeward bound:

Whitewash, blue water, green palms and boats.

Just the scenery to refresh a tired coughing hack, with a tired hacking cough.

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Anonymous said...

Feel better soon and stay safe. I hope Isaac doesn't hit too hard.

Wannabe conch

Conchscooter said...

Thank you, but it seems to be getting worse as it progresses. The storm I mean.