Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac, Saturday Evening

It's been a rainy, windy day culminating is a breezy night, the streets of the city are shiny with moisture, and if you didn't know the tropical storm is starting it's final approach you'd have no idea there was anything going on other than a common-or-garden summer thunderstorm. Other than the hurricane shutters on all the buildings and the commercial clean-up crews standing by.
On the drive in to work at ten o'clock I saw lots of cars parading around with their fog lights on, as though the light rain were some sort of portent of the high winds to come. Better that than the usual practice of people choosing to drive in the dark or the rain with no lights at all.
Downtown Key West is half a ghost town, the bars open and empty, a few people hurrying along the sidewalks. Tonight is apparently the night for hurricane parties. Tropical storm force winds, around 40mph are expected Sunday morning, with hurricane strength by Sunday evening. All finished by Monday evening we hope as Isaac goes off up the Gulf to damage to the heathen on the Gulf Coast. How strong our storm will be depends on how much strength the storm gains now that it is off Cuba and over warm waters. that it drives forward at 22mph is good for us as that helps keep the circulating winds from gaining in intensity. A least a bit. We keep hoping for the best.And that is the latest track put out by the Hurricane center in Miami.


Anonymous said...

You guys are really in the cross hairs on this one. Hopefully, Isaac won't have too much pop when you get hit. Apparently in Hebrew Isaac means the laughing one. No word, however, on what was found amusing.

I lit a candle for you and KW at church this evening a place of little humor but some gravitas.

Anonymous said...

I hope the best as I write reports on my night shift job north of the Keys.

Conchscooter said...

We may very well be lighting candles to see the way down here before too long. I'm hoping Isaac doesn't gain too much strength Sunday as it is now over water until it reaches the Keys. Thanks for the good wishes.