Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fantasy Fest 1

A few pictures taken on and around Duval this afternoon prior to the big parade (which is when I am at work!).

Breastices painted are not nude by Fantasy Fest rules.

The same food vendors at Goombay last week are here this week, nourishing the shuffling masses.
Stifling crowds shuffling past Sloppy Joe's. Don't you wish you were here?

Chuck was there to indulge my wife and I. This, he is at pains to point out is not his thing at all.

It may not be immediately obvious but a stuffed backpack is a critical costume component.

Nudity is not required for a good costume.
Alcohol is a critical component of Fantasy Fest, lubricating the inhibitions.

Nudity is not... blah blah blah. Sometimes it would be nice of course.

Not fresh ice cream I take it.

Oops! Duplicate picture!

Damn! I've got 75 pictures to upload and I'm not even drunk. Another duplicate.

I was worried this well endowed guy was looking at me as though he might like bears. Wrong team, I wanted to say.


Costumes required? Not at all, just go for a walk.

See and be seen.


I wonder what these out-of-town cops think of our little street party.

Refreshment inside Sloppy Joes.
Everyone's favorite bar. Hemingway's favorite bar. My favorite bar? The Porch or Finnigan's Wake.



Anonymous said...

The Porch and Finnegan's Wake....hum, I will add those my list. Btw the Porch posted on facebook today three seats to view the parade had become available -sixty dollars each.

Garythetourist said...

It was good to see Chuck again. How is he doing these days? Is he still blogging?