Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Fantasy Fest

It was hectic last night until the bars finally started to close. I snapped a quick picture of my colleagues taking calls and dispatching help all over the city, not just in the "Fantasy Zone" of Duval Street. I was in the back of the room running the radio channel monitoring the officers on Duval Street

The quiet of the Fall months gets interrupted every year by the chaos and activity of this bacchanalia. In the police department everyone works, leave is not allowed and you would be amazed by the careful planning for every eventuality. I show up at dusk to take over the night shift and all the details of the police fire and rescue coverage are laid out ready for us. I like working most days and Fantasy Fest is especially satisfying because it is so intense and so demanding. I'd rather be in the room at the top of the police station than out on the streets drinking. And I get paid to boot. Nice.

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CSM Mac said...

Good job guys and gals. Thanks for taking care of KW. I hope to get down soon and I want it to still be there.