Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One More Pharmacy For Total Happiness

It's funny how incomers like to boast that Key West is closer to Havana than to the nearest Walmart store, while at the same time Conchs (native Key Westers) moan about the lack of big box stores to feed shopping desires in these small islands. Developers never sleep, it seems and they have been burning the midnight oil trying to figure how to make these islands more shopper friendly. Marina developments are planned for Truman Waterfront and Stock Island and more homes are announced on Key Haven across from the Shell gas station. Gentrification? Bring it on! And even if it doesn't really count as gentrification development is always welcome in the Keys, apparently. The county commission has approved in principle the permitting of almost 3500 new houses over the next decade as part of the controlled growth plan for the county, where the "controlled" part of the equation is a euphemism for anything goes.

It's been on the rumor circuit for some time but originally they said a new strip mall was coming to Stock Island next to Burger King bringing a new chain pharmacy with it. The most recent planning notice was stuck on an obscure corner of the other empty lot on Stock Island, closer to Key Haven. Considering Key West already has three CVS pharmacies and two Walgreens, not to mention one of each on Big Pine at Mile Marker 30... What a sickly crowd we must be in these healthful islands.

The newspaper has also reported contefforts to build a big box store on Boca Chica, Mile Marker Ni to the Naval Air Station. The nature of that store is not disclosed but the rumor mill is betting on Walmart coming to town. I don't shop a Walmart when on the mainland because I don't think the Walton family has done small business in this country any favors but I know a lot of people are on their knees praying novenas to get such a store down here. Two sides to every issue and two sides to every discussion. At least two in the Fabulous Florida Keys, where progress is as old fashioned as cookie cutter strip malls.


Anonymous said...

Conchscooter> I like WalMart for a couple of reasons not just the low price. Here in Stafford VA. and I follow your blog because I love Key West and get down every chance I get, back to Walmart. They allow the girl scouts and boy scouts to set up cookie sales and penut sales. Target and Home Depot do not. They hire many Handiecap people. I know a couple and their job at WalMart means everything to them. Also check on how much Walmart gives to each community. It is many, many millions. Give them a chance and look at what they do. It might surprise you.


Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that a pro Walmart comment is left every single time CS mentions Walmart or big box stores.

Dear Mac,
Walmart is run by shit heads. Full-time employees with families qualify for government assistance. They don't pay there own workers a fair or living wage. Walmart's greatest innovation was creating a class of people known as the working poor.

Anonymous said...

So glad the rock is Wal-Mart free! Costco is so much better, they even pay their employees a living wage with benefits!

It's going to snow 4 inches tonight and the high temp tomorrow will be 40 degrees. Can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow of sunny Key West while I look out my office window at the snow and cold!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Anonymous said...

It gets better! The Feds decided to analyze how much each 200 worker Walmart cost the rest us in government assistance. The average Walmart worker receives $2,000 in government benefits for things like health care, school lunch, housing assistance etc. There is no living on a Walmart wage without government assistance. That's 400K per store per year. But it's worth it when you can save 2 cents on a box of Mac&Chz.

Conchscooter said...

I find it hugely ironic Forbes 400 richest list recently released features lots of Waltons in their ranks.

Bob- its been raining cats and dogs so don't be disappointed but tomorrow it's pictures of clouds and gray skies. All I saw Tuesday...

Danette said...

Walmart workers have apparently gone on strike in IL (I believe) The workers complaints are numerous and horrific. You can read about it here http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/315-19/13756-riot-police-security-forces-arrest-supporters-of-striking-walmart-workers
Funny that the corporate media hasn't mentioned this strike anywhere. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Danette. That was a revealing and disturbing article. I heard that Amazon essentially does the same thing with its warehouses: contracting out the management and then acting like they are not responsible for exploitative conditions.