Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Louisa Street Pocket Park

It's located at 616 Louisa Street, roughly behind the First State Bank on Simonton and Catherine Streets. If you had a strong arm you could toss a rock (a very strong arm) into Abbondanza Restaurant, though why you want to I couldn't say. Rusty and I took refuge there from a  rain storm.
Cheyenne's last visit was to take refuge during winter heat. The pictures I took of her in January 2014 I remember like it was yesterday. Well it kind of was.
Rusty was a huge consolation for me after Cheyenne died in February but he has grown into much more than that. I enjoy his company a lot and he has a very different character from her.
 I got Cheyenne when she was eight in 2009 and she was not only stubborn but she was also much more laid back and stand-offish
Cheyenne is gone but the silhouette of a cigar maker's cottage abides:
 It was put up in the spot where those workers used to live to mark their passing...the factory was in the county building called, by no coincidence, the Gato Building. 
The Gato Building is a tad bit more monumental than the cigar worker houses... and ironically these days houses the Monroe County Public Heath department among others. 
One of the pleasures of key west is that getting wet, unless you are on your way to work of an office type, is no big deal. I sat and spluttered and waited for I don't know what.
 It was entirely comfortable for my dog and myself.
There is a geocache out here somewhere and I have hunted high and low for the damned thing but I cannot find it. Yet.
 Abbondanza is visible in the distance, across Simonton Street.
 The giant representation of a cigar is the largest of its kind we are told.
 And this is where we are told:

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