Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I quite liked Pensacola, the historic district, the waterfront, the fresh fish, the beautiful cool June breeze. There's lots of greenery interesting shopping and nice architecture.  Combine that with affordable living and you have quite the Florida town.
We walked the town, Rusty and I early in the morning. 
We took a drive to Alabama half a hour away, at most, and we entered a world of fields woods and filling highways through small towns apparently miles from salt water 
And we found s roadside restaurant, Jesse's in Magnolia Springs for lunch.
Delightfully old fashioned and courteous on the outside the device was prompt and the food delicious. 
A great pause on the afternoon drive to Fairhope. I like this part of the world. 

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Bill Leuthold said...

Pensacola, and the entire panhandle of Florida has not changed much over the years. It is still a little slower and easier with gracious southern hospitality still around. I like to visit Apalachicola, a small, well preserved gulf town with history and good food.