Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alvin Frazier Pocket Park

The city of Key West has had a program of converting small plots of land around the town into places of rest and recreation and against the odds it seems to work quite well.

This one is on Flagler Avenue most of the way towards South Roosevelt Boulevard. It used to have a steel rooster strutting on the plinth but the artist wanted it back as I recall and off it went. The sculptures come from the annual art display held across the city.

The park was created from land formerly used by the local utility as a power substation. Apparently Alvin Frazier's widow prevailed upon the utility to name the park in memory of their long time employee.

There are other pocket parks in the city and I wrote about several of them here.

I like Key West's pocket parks, small spaces yet fine places to sit for a while.

Markers for who knows whose emotions and memories.

Alvin Frazier III is more than a name tag to his family. We should all be so lucky.

Somehow the park lives on undesecrated by the universal scourges of graffiti and trash and that makes a point all it's own.

Real live chickens live outside the wire fencing and my dog found plenty to keep her amused.

But inside the park the it was as it should be, clean and quiet and ready for visitors.

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