Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enterprise On Big Pine

My dog likes a mixture of walks which suits me so I hunt out urban type walks for variety. Big Pine Key really is quite big and there are a number of walks to be had in quiet suburban neighborhoods.

Sometimes they seem to be casting are d for names, any name to give to the anonymous streets. On Cudjoe Key the planners were casting around for names and they managed to come up with a bunch of ridiculous pirate names, Bucket o' Blood, Pieces of Eight, Spanish Main and so forth. Ship's Way is the main drag at the south end of Big Pine off Highway One and for a side street they came up with this unimaginative gem.

The homes in these subdivisions are standard stilt homes for the most part.

But as usual tropical foliage and a few dramatic clouds make the most mundane side streets look good.

Most of these streets with large homes are built on canals that were dug out of the rock at a time when tearing up the environment was okay. Not al the homes are on stilts.

Cute mailboxes are in evidence and this one I liked because it is a copy of the house itself.

Bigger and more liveable.

Usually when I walk these streets I carry a magazine or the newspaper and I catch up on latest motorcycle trends or localness as Cheyenne checks out the smells.

Summer time is good too because there are far fewer cars and people and wandering the street is a lovely lonely prospect. Just what a misanthrope needs before going to work.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I do like BPK - and upon returning from this sojourn, I'll grab the Pheebs so as to ride up there and show her a slice of the Keys only partially molested, moving at a languid pace.

Conchscooter said...

Notmmany people on key westtakemthe time to explore the lower keys, I don't know why.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I've a similar wanderlust as you; it is interesting to knock about the lower keys. Forgotten developments, abandoned canals, private lagoons - all represented.

The only things which bother me are the endless expanse of mangroves and mosquitos. I used to be immune to the latter, but 30 years removed from constant exposure has reduced immunity somewhat. I get itchy welts which last a half hour or so.

Captkeywest said...

Re: Unusual Tropical Foliage

Ok I got an unusual one for you,

Leaving Key Wests Kmart,enroute to exiting at Kennedy stoplight, third palm on left-- you will know it when you see it and wonder why you never noticed it before - at least that was my reaction !!!

Welcome Home!

Conchscooter said...

Capt: dinner/lunch date pleaser?
Chuck: in November I tke it.

Captkeywest said...

Fridays are best for us, boat trip to Marvin maybe...

..and do check the palm tree , its a jaw dropper !