Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The thing about your annual vacation is that it has to sustain you for the rest of your working year. So it had better be good. Happily mine was very good this year.

My wife and I drove Giovanni's magnificent BMW car across Umbria to buy some wine to take home to the Keys. Reds from Montefalco (Falcon Mountain) are some of the better known wines from Umbria which is overshadowed in world renowned wines by neighboring Tuscany. Actually Tuscany outshines Umbria in most tourist categories which is fine by me.

Sagrantino, the staple in this area, is a thick strong red with lots of alcohol as a result we prefer simpler, lighter Montefalco Red (Rosso di Montefalco) and at four Euros a bottle ($6) it's ridiculously cheap. Yeah! Finally something cheap in Italy!

With a few potable souvenirs in the trunk we had to look for lunch and we decided to move further afield and see something new. Giovanni said not to miss nearby Bevagna so that was where we went.

These are real towns lived in by real people some of whom prefer not to use expensive paper towels in their kitchens. Very picturesque.

It looked like performance art but he was just shading himself from the noonday sun while he worked.

The first restaurant we came across had a menu posted outside in English which surprised us as this didn't seem like a huge tourist trap of a town, but it also put us off. I don't want to eat where they cater to visitors, so we kept walking. Inside the walls visiting car traffic is banned as in so many towns so we parked outside and took to our feet. Eventually we found our lunch spot.

The Bar delle Mura did us proud.

Faced with giant portions we shared antipasto, pasta and dessert. And we ate indoors as there was no view outside while it was considerably cooler inside away from the sun.

Pasta with mushrooms and truffles, staples of Umbrian cuisine, which is meat and fungus based.

In the old days of my childhood, dessert was always fresh fruit but in keeping with expanding waistlines world wide, dessert these days is on every menu. We selected Tiramisu (pull me up) which I have only ever considered to be an Italian-American dish.

Time to walk it all off. Bevagna really was pretty and I guess the only reason I had never visited this town was because as usual when you live some place you never take the time to play the tourist.

That is really the reason I started my blog, to learn to take the time to notice and enjoy where I live.

This blog also helps me store my vacation memories. This really is my diary.

Look up high if you need to see road signs. 'Parking' and 'All Directions' are what the signs say. We kept walking.

And after a while we arrived back where we started.

Outside the walls we saw my wife's favorite flowers.

And other people working while we vacationed.

It was a lovely day.

Happy memories for a long sunny winter at home.

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bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

you are lucky to have memories of your youth, and a friend from the past to show you around as you relive what could have been had you not gone to America. Being of the 3rd generation in Canada I have no recollections of anywhere but Canada so I would be just a tourist wherever I roamed with no family along the way.

thank goodness for memories and photos

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