Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fifth Street

It's called Fifth Street by most people but on the map it's called Macmillan.

It's not the only street in this city that has a real name and a fake name, 14th and Glynn Archer comes to mind as well. Cheyenne appears indifferent to the naming problem as long as there is some unaccountably nasty thing lurking at the root of a nearby tree to absorb her interest.

Ah yes 'a fresh approach' it's what we all want isn't it. And a candidate embracing his avoirdupois sounds like a down to earth character. Nicknames are a big part of Key West life, especially among Conchs. I don't vote in the city so unraveling the fresh approach from the stale,is one problem I don't have to deal with this time.

Fifth was renamed Macmillan in honor of the British Prime Minister's visit in 1961 just before the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He came with President Kennedy and they gave Harold Macmillan a street name, of course Kennedy got one too. In Britain he was known as Supermac, as they use nicknames there too, and is best known for his pronouncement that Britons had 'never had it so good' under his tenure as leader. In retrospect he was probably right.

Fifth is home to at least a couple of Key West's many churches. There is the more modest Seventh Day Adventist place...

...while further up the Fifth Street Baptist Church rises up in Southern Steepled Splendor. I suppose it should be renamed Macmillan Avenue Baptist Church but that would ring odd in Key West.

Fifth is actually a main connector between North Roosevelt where it is marked by the Yamaha motorcycle shop...

...and at Flagler Avenue by the traffic light.

For some reason Fifth Street always seems wider to me and more avenue-like than it actually is. Perhaps I just sense the ghost of Supermac hovering over his southernmost street.

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